It’s raining outside. There is a slight chill in the air. Maybe you have just completed one of those treks in the areas around Shivaji Maharaj’s famous forts. You’re tired to the bone and absolutely famished. You enter a tiny shack-like structure. They have only one item on their menu and they serve it to you in stainless steel plates.

The air is rife with the spicey aroma of the food. You take your first bite and the fiery flavor explodes on your tongue, softened by the delicate texture of the pav.

Did that make you miss home? We understand you!

Misal Pav is not just a dish for Maharashtrians. It is a feeling, a feeling that evokes memories of instant comfort through the discomfort of a unique blend of spices.

What really is Misal Pav?

Originally from Nashik, Misal Pav consists of Usal which is made from matki or moth beans, watane or dried peas and moong beans and Rassa or Tarri which is a thin gravy-like mixture. Usal and Tarri come together to form Misal which is then served with a garnishing of freshly chopped onions, sprigs of coriander, a slice of lemon and loads of farsan or chivda. This hot farsan adds the perfect element of crunch to the dish and completes it.

Served with ladi pav, to say Misal Pav is just spicey would be an injustice to this flavorful, heart-warming dish. The spice comes from the Tarri but it explodes into different flavors of different spices inside your mouth. And what’s more these spices also differ depending upon the area where your Misal Pav originates. You have the original, authentic Misal Pav from Nashik. Along with this, you have Puneri Misal, Kolhapuri Misal- all with very different flavor components.

As it travels from region to region, this dish adapts to the local taste buds and ingredients. The Tarri or Rassa in Nashik Misal is green or black while Puneri Misal has a reddish Tarri and the Tarri of Kolhapuri Misal is made from a special onion and garlic masala. The spice and flavor profiles of the three Misals also differ with Kolhapuri and Nashik Misal being very spicey and Puneri Misal being relative less fiery in taste.

At Mejwaani, we prepare our Misal from the choicest of fresh ingredients in our sanitized and safe kitchens. We use an Usal made from mixed sprouts with our special Tarri topped with a heap of authentic Indian farsan and garnished with onions, lemons and chilies. Served with Indian ladi pav or bread rolls, our Misal Pav will take you back to your home, to the burst of flavor and the memories associated with it.